Meet the Dads


Sure, all the Dads kill on stage, but as a lawyer by trade, Barney is the one who keeps us out of jail for those murders!

While he is one of the newest of the Dads to improv, Barney has been a mainstay in the Mobile theater community for decades, both on stage and off. When he isn’t attending board meetings, you can frequently find him performing comedies at Chickasaw Civic Theatre and Joe Jefferson Playhouse.

In Dad Company, Barney is our eternal optimist, always finding the positive things to latch onto and focus on, and we couldn’t do what we do without him!


Don’t let the heartthrob looks fool you - Chip is Dad Company’s resident cerebral mastermind. Being a teacher by day, Chip most loves learning the ins and outs of improv comedy. And he’s a master at taking those lessons and spinning them into comedy gold on stage!

Chip has been performing improv in one form or another for over 20 years, first starting in college with Steven in the ICU (Improv Comedy Underground). He also performs short-form improv with 3CP, Chickasaw Civic Theatre’s in-house improv team. And aside from his on-stage talents, Chip is a powerhouse off-stage as well, directing some of the best high school theatrical productions in Mobile at St. Paul’s Academy.


Lesley is Dad Company’s newest and most female Dad (barely edging out Steven). But don’t worry - she’s an official Dad; we swore her in and everything!

While she may be the newest to DadCo, she’s no stranger to Mobile theater, having performed in community theater productions for decades, and having previously performed improv with 3CP, Chickasaw Civic Theatre’s in-house improv team. She also teaches theater at Bayside Academy in Daphne.

In DadCo, Lesley is the one who keeps “the boys” focused and on task, constantly pushing us to be better (and have fun doing it)!


Steven has been performing improv comedy off and on for over 20 years, co-founding the ICU (Improv Comedy Underground) with Chip at Spring Hill College. He is a frequent performer in community theater productions at Chickasaw Civic Theatre, and has appeared several times as a guest performer with 3CP, their in-house improv team.

Besides being the group cut-up/scene derailer, Steven is Dad Company’s tech guru and designer. He makes most of DadCo’s promotional materials like event photos, banners, logos, and even this website you’re reading. So blame him if something is missspeled.

Dad Company: A History

Chip and Steven have worked in short-form improv since 2002 in various groups and had always wanted to try out long-form. Eventually, Barney, Chip, and former Dad Kelly Teague, got together after a short-form rehearsal to discuss the possibility of exploring long-form. Together with Steven, they spent about six months trying out different long-form skills and formats, preforming their first show at the Arlene Mitchell Theater at Spring Hill College in 2020. When Kelly moved away in 2022, Lesley was asked to join, and more hilarity ensued.

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