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What is improv, anyway?

Unlike stand-up comedy or sketch comedy, improv (or improvisational) comedy isn’t written or prepared ahead of time. Instead, improv is made up on the spot, combining storytelling tropes with the wits and natural talents of the comedians. The most well-known form of improv comedy is called “short-form,” meaning that once input is given, performers make a short scene from it, typically 3-5 minutes long, usually based around some kind of game or predefined story structure. You may recognize this format in popular shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Dad Company, however, is “long-form” improv. That means once audience input is taken, Dad Company uses it to create a fully fleshed-out one-act play, typically lasting between 25 to 45 minutes. If you’ve seen Middleditch & Schwartz on Netflix, you have a good idea what this looks like.

But what is the audience input? What story gets told from it? That’s the best part: we don’t know! Every bit of the performance - characters, settings, plot, etc. - is made up on the spot and entirely inspired by the input we get from our audience as the show begins. We’re usually just as surprised and delighted by our stories as the audience!

Do I have to be in the show?

Some improv comedy uses audience participation, where audience members come on stage to be a part of the action. And while that can be fun, we also know the possibility of being “picked” and forced onto stage stresses some people out and makes them avoid improv, which is why we don’t use on-stage audience participation. No audience member is ever asked or forced to do or say anything on the spot, so you’re fine to sit and watch.

What age rating is a Dad Company show?

Since improv is unscripted and unprepared ahead of time, many improv shows have content and age restrictions and warnings, but as Dads, we know the value of being able to take your kids out to a show that everyone can enjoy without some interesting questions on the ride home, which is why we strive to make our performances family-friendly. While we can’t strictly guarantee appropriate content (it IS shaped from audience suggestion, after all), we as performers and parents are comfortable recommending Dad Company shows for all ages.

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